About us

What started in 1967 by Owen Higgins, printing plastic labels and engraving aluminium nameplates in a small factory in Auckland, has grown to be a leading specialty custom- design printing services company that operates across Australasia.



We’re well-established and have a wide range of new and repeat customers who have an even wider range of specialised printing needs. As we’ve been in business for more than 5 decades, the depth of experience and knowledge we’ve built up over this time is reflected in both customer service and the quality of our products.

Over the years, we’ve expanded due to smart mergers, investing in the latest technologies, and capitalising on our design background and innovative thinking. Permark now has offices in Auckland, Sydney and Melbourne, and our team operates factories in Auckland and Christchurch.


Quality: AS/NZ ISO9001:2015
UL Authorised Supplier

Our People

We employ 75+ people and are recognised by returning customers around the globe and major trade associations for our outstanding design and technical skills. As well as our loyal customers and trusted suppliers, we know that Permark owes its growth and success to our fantastic team which includes some of the most dedicated and highly skilled printers and operators in New Zealand.

The team



Over 50 years experience



Custom solutions focused



Global presence Local expertise



Dedicated, highly skilled team

Multi Award Winning Company

83 Gold awards at Pride In Print NZ

SGIAA , Australia , Gold Medal Winner

FESPA International Awards , Munich , Gold Medal Winner

Recent achievements

  • 2021 Pride in Print - 1 Gold Medal

  • 2020 Pride in Print - 2 Gold Medal, 4 Highly Commended

  • 2019 Pride in Print - 4 Gold Medal, 6 Highly Commended

  • 2019 FESPA , Munich - 1 Gold Medal

  • 2018 SGIAA, awards Sydney - 1 Gold Medal

  • 2018 Won all 3 Awrds in Industrial Category - 1 Silver Medal, 1 Bronze Medal

  • 2018 Pride in Print - 4 Gold Medal, 4 Highly Commended

  • 2017 Pride in Print - 6 Gold Medal, 3 Highly Commended

  • 2016 Pride in Print - 8 Gold Medal, 4 Highly Commended

  • 2015 Pride in Print - 8 Gold Medal, 3 Highly Commended

  • 2014 Pride in Print - 4 Gold Medal, 5 Highly Commended

  • 2013 Pride in Print - 6 Gold Medal

  • 2012 Pride in Print - 7 Gold Medal, 5 Highly Commended

  • 2011 Pride in Print - 5 Gold Medal, 3 Highly Commended

  • 2010 Pride in Print - 3 Gold Medal, 4 Highly Commended

  • 2009 Pride in Print - 3 Gold Medal, 3 Highly Commended

  • 2008 Pride in Print - 2 Gold Medal, 7 Highly Commended

  • 2007 Pride in Print - 5 Gold Medal, 5 Highly Commended

  • 2006 SGIAA, awards Sydney - 1 Gold Medal

  • 2005 Supreme Award Wiiner Pride In Print - 1 Supreme award Winner

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3M Preferred Converter

What do you get when you work with Permark Industries, a 3M Preferred Converter of adhesive tapes?

Adhesive tape converters add value to 3M’s industry-leading tape adhesive technologies to create labour and cost-saving custom shaped parts that are designed for your specific needs.

Specialising in die-cut tapes and other value-added converted formats

3M converter partners are experts in helping you think outside the box and apply solutions that take a variety of formats and offer benefits beyond what you might expect.  Think 3M adhesives, adhesive sheets, tapes, VHB Tapes, labels, thermal interface materials – processed and/or combined with other materials to create gaskets; die-cut tapes and laminating adhesives; printed or embossed parts; fabricated parts with materials like polycarbonate, acrylic, aluminium or foam; membrane keypads; name plates; durable labels and graphic overlays.

Trained material and process specialists

Adhesive tape converter specialists will work with you to turn your ideas, prototypes and designs using 3M tapes, adhesives and labels into reality quickly.  The Permark team can call on 3M specialists and engineers in New Zealand and around the region and world to help recommend solutions for your applications.

Rapid lead times and competitive pricing for 3M’s most popular materials

A Proven Track Record

Permark is backed by 3M.  Across the globe, 3M is inspiring innovation and igniting progress, all while contributing to true global sustainable development through environmental protection, corporate and social responsibility and economic progress.  3M maintains ISO 9001:2015 accreditation.

In every project to date Permark have made a clear effort to understand our needs technically and followed through to deliver a product that has impressed ourselves and our customers.

Stephen Smith

Fisher & paykel healthcare





I found Permark just as my business was launching. They patiently went through options with me to best showcase our logo/brand on our metal fabricated products. Great service considering we were a brand new company with no promise of large volume. I've been super happy with their service, price and performance especially through our growth. Lead times are short and communication is great. Highly recommended

David Fitzpatrick

Offroad Animal





Starting a new business was daunting! Permark provide a service that not many do – John and the team were kind and understood the demands of the industry. Not only do Permark provide excellent quality products, they are willing to accommodate any challenge we throw at them!” John’s understanding/helpfulness in creating our tags has greatly contributed to our business success the last 4 years!

Ben Piper-Smith

The Lifting Guys





Permark have been a key supplier of ours for over thirty years. Our products operate in a diverse range of harsh environments and simply must perform. We rely on the expertise of Permark to ensure the right materials are selected for our graphics and keypads. The team at Permark take the time to understand our business and always provide outstanding customer service. So much so that we recently convinced one of our contract customers to pull production of decals from offshore and have Permark manufacture them, both us and our customer are very happy with the outcome. Permark are recognised as one of our top suppliers and I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking for first class service and products.

Dave Johnson

Gallagher Fuel