Membrane Keypads

Membrane keypads and membrane switches offer designers of electronic equipment a flexible, customizable user interface which is compact, versatile, reliable and assembly friendly.

Special Features

  • LGF (Light Guided Film) Option

  • Silicon Rubber Overlay Option

  • Embedded Light Dependent Resistors/ Ambient light Resistors

  • Stainless Steel Tactile Inserts, Giving A Positive “Click” When Keys Are Pressed.

  • Dome Embossed Buttons (No Inserts) – Providing A Softer Tactile Response.

  • Embossing Of Logo’s And Keys With A Rim Emboss Or Pellow Emboss.

  • LCD Windows Can Have A High Gloss For Clarity Applied To Otherwise “Matt” Finished Overlays.

  • Embedded LED’s In White, Red, Green, Orange, Blue

  • Transparent Tinted LED Windows In The Colour Of Your Choice.

  • “Dead Front” Windows Which Are Invisible Until Back Lit. (Like Seatbelt Signs In Most Cars)

  • ZIF Or Female Clinch Connectors For Tail Termination. ( Tail Pitch Of 2.4’ Or 1mm).

Construction / Options

Depending On The Application And Environment, Graphic Overlay Materials Can Be Specified To Resist Harsh Environments Such As High Moisture, High UV And Chemicals. Tactile Feedback Of Switches Can Be Built Into The Keypads By Insertion Of Stainless Steel Tactile Discs Or Embossing Of The Overlays. Permark Can Supply Either Female Clinch Or ZIF Connectors

Lighting options
Electroluminescent Lighting (EL) Can Be Incorporated Into Membrane Keypads, And Is Achieved Through A Printing Process, Thus Giving Great Flexibility In Customizing The Design To Your Specific Application.

Lumitex Is A Patented Woven Fibre Optic Sheet Commonly Used For Applications Such As LCD Backlighting, Membrane Switches, Machine Vision Applications..


Eftpos Terminals
Hand Held Instruments/Test Equipment
Electric Fence Controllers
Petrol Station Pump Keypads
Weighting & Measuring Equipment

Technical Requirements

We can assist with advice at the design stage of a product development. Information that is helpful in providing an accurate quote can include the following:

Operating Voltage

Operating Voltage (V)
Operating Current (mA)
Max Loop Resistance (ohms)
EMI Shielding required
ESD Shielding required

Contact Configuration

Common bus

Tactile Switching

Stainless Steel Inserts
Inserts & Embossing


Clampon Female


Low (0-15 actuations per day)
Med (30 + actuations per day)
High (100 + actuations per day)


Humidic Sealing
Chemical or toxic exposure


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