Plastic Cards & Tags

Premium Quality Plastic Cards for your Business! Make the best first impression with Permark ‘s award winning custom printed plastic business cards – the ultimate in high quality, high impact, custom screen printed cards.

Special Features

  • Magnetic Stripes for magnetic card readers, embossed unique serial numbers and unique sequentialbarcodes can all be incorporated into the card design.

  • Metallic inks can be include in screen printed cards.

  • Custom die cut shapes can be easily accommodated.

Custom Printed Design

Screen printed or digital printed cards can be produced to your supplied design, or you can team up with Permark’s graphic design specialists who will work with you to produce the right image for your business.

Plastic business cards can have a three dimensional effect which is achieved by starting with a clear plastic, and screen printing layers on both sides of the card in different colours and designs.

Plastic Cards & Tags to Impress.

Not only are plastic cards perceived as high quality, they last longer and they tend to be kept longer than paperboard cards – no creases, wrinkles or grubby dog eared cards – just a clean professional image of your business every time someone looks at your card. Plastic business cards are the perfect choice if you want to stand out from the crowd.

And not just business cards, Permark make swing tags (or hang tags), loyalty cards, gift cards, key cards,membership cards and VIP cards along with custom diecut cards of many shapes and sizes.

Custom Printed Design

Text can be made to look like it is embedded in the card by having the clear text reversed out of the print on one side, but not the other – giving the text depth. Clear windows of any shape can be included, andtransparent tints can be incorporated into the design for special effect. For “mixed lay’s” of cards with the same design, but different contact information for each person, where ongoing supply is required, it is sometimes more cost effective to design the card in such a way that they can be printed as a template, and then as new people require new cards, unique contact information can be overprinted.

Card Sizes & Shapes

Permark carry standard die cutting tools for cutting out rectangles with small radius corners in either 85x53mm (standard credit card size) or 90x55mm (standard business card size in Australia and New Zealand). If custom shapes are required, Permark can manufacture tooling to accommodate customer requirements.

Great Choice of Quality Materials

There are many materials and gauges available from Permark. Selection of material is usually determined by the kind of look or finish required, the complexity of the print design and the card application combined of course with personal preference.

Materials are typically either clear polycarbonates, polyester or PVC. The surface finish can be gloss both sides, matt / velvet or satin or opaque white or coloured. Thickness of the card can be anything from 0.175mm to 2.0mm or more. A standard credit card thickness is 0.76mm. The best way to determine your choice is to contact one of Permark’s sales team to see some examples of their work.


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