UL Authorised Label Supplier Program

As part of Permark’s continued focus on our customer’s requirements, we have gained UL authorisation to the PGAA standard and are now a UL Authorised Label Supplier Program participant, under the LP5547-1 file number.

This allows Permark to produce your Labels exactly as per your ‘UL Label Centre’ approved Drawings, by printing the required ‘UL Mark’ onto sourced UL Recognised Materials.

If you are currently sourcing labels incorporating the UL Mark, or are working on new products where the UL Logo is a requirement, then why not consider Permark Industries Ltd as your Label Manufacturer.

Always ensure that the supplier printing the ‘UL Mark’ onto your label, nameplate, fascia, graphic overlay and membrane keypad appears in the UL Database.

For further information on Permark’s accreditations or any other aspect of your labelling requirements, please contact our Technical Sales Team.